Pop Up Art Gallery

After 19 years designing outstanding creations for their Fetish Shop in Ibiza, Pashat and Patrick, the owners of Sa Majesté, decided that it was time to extend their concept to Erotic Art.

The French couple have dedicated themselves to promoting the ‘art of satisfying seduction’, including both the physical and the mental aspects of desire. They started a few years ago by composing songs together with a fetishist content yet injected with a shot of glamour and refinement.

Erotic Art is a philosophy, a culture that is present all over the world. Indeed, eroticism is represented by art in every single culture worldwide, with painting, photography, sculpture… It was important for Sa Majesté to bring into fantasy and pleasure the notions of art and culture.

This is how ‘Pleasure is luxury became Pleasure is Art

For the summer 2011 and 2012, Sa Majesté organized a pop-up art gallery exhibiting talented European artists such as Alex Varenne, famous international illustrator and author of major Erotic Comics; Christophe Mourthé, the famous international photographer and its photos of Dita Von Teese ; David Cantero, the official illustrator from the Matinée Group Parties ; Bernard Duca, sculptor of erotic mold bodies ; and many more unique artists from around the world.a

Now, Sa Majesté continues to present to you the most fantastic fetish art of today and tomorrow…

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