Sa Majesté Pop-Up Erotic Art Gallery : Exhibition Summer 2012

The first and only Erotic Art Gallery in Ibiza

Exhibition – Summer 2012

50 calle de la Virgen – 07800 Ibiza Puerto

After 17 years designing outstanding creations for their Fetish Shop in Ibiza, Pashat and Patrick, the owners of Sa Majesté, decided last year to extend their concept to erotic art.

Erotic Art is a philosophy, a culture that is present all over the world. Indeed, eroticism is represented by art in every single culture worldwide, with painting, photography, sculpture… It was important for Sa Majesté to bring into the fantasy and the pleasure the notions of art and culture. Pleasure is Art…

For the 2012 exhibition, Pashat presents famous artists and new talents :

  • Alex Varenne, famous international illustrator and author of major Erotic Comics.
  • David Cantero, official illustrator of the Matinée Group parties, presents “The Gods also come to Ibiza”.
  • Bamboo, photographer & visual artist in Ibiza for 30 years, introduces his outcoming photography book.
  • Jeroen, animator for Disney and official illustrator for Sa Majesté, presents original signed illustrations.
  • Silvio Magaglio, Street Art photographer from Paris, presents exclusive black & white photos.
  • Special Asian Antiquities & Exotic Collections from all over the world will be shown with scarce pieces.


Alex Varenne

Alex Varenne, famous international illustrator and author of major Erotic Comics, will be presenting exclusive and unique illustrations from some of his most famous comics such as “Fragments Erotiques” or “Les larmes du sexe”. After publishing more than 30 erotic comics, Alex Varenne presents now his original work on erotic and fetishism in black & white with Sa Majesté.

David Cantero

David Cantero is a Spanish author, illustrator, cartoon animator and video game designer. He is the official illustrator of the famous Matinée Group parties. Last summer, for the first opening of the Gallery, he led the exhibition with some original pieces of art. This summer, he will be presenting in the Erotic Art Gallery a new collection called “The Gods also come to Ibiza”.


Bamboo is a photographer and visual artist based in Ibiza for the last 30 years. Well recognized on the island and overseas for his projection shows in parties, night life scenes from Ibiza and Bangkok have been the source of inspiration for his outcoming photography book in black and white. Exclusive pictures from this project will be shown in the exhibition at the Erotic Art Gallery.


Jeroen is an animator for Disney Feature Animation who worked on many of Disney’s major movies. Apart from his passion for animated movies, he has always been fascinated with the nightlife. He is also the official illustrator for Sa Majesté. This summer, Jeroen is presenting some original signed illustrations.


Silvio Magaglio

Silvio Magaglio is a Parisian photographer specialized in street art. He published for years his graffiti photos in the magazine called Radikal. His work is currently in evolution to the general urban culture. A piece of his work was seen in Ibiza last summer with the tied-up girl on the wall.
This summer, Sa Majesté is supporting this new talent, introducing him to world of erotic art.

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