Meet the Tenga Egg, a clever sex toy for men


Meet the Tenga Egg: A Clever Sex Toy for Men

Today, as it’s Easter, we are presenting you a whole new kind of Easter treat… for men !

. It’s an innovative and quirky sex toy for men. These rather PG-looking plastic eggs hold nifty little treasures inside.

The eggs’ interiors feature bumps and grooves designed with pleasure in mind. And each variety (indicated by name and color) offers different terrain inside.


Think of eggs as masturbatory helpers (AKA masturbators) for the gents. However, they can also be used for couple’s play. After giving both avenues thorough test drives (thanks to a handy six pack variety), here are a few conclusions :

* Clean up is beyond easy. Once you’ve finished up, toss the egg and its packaging in the trash.

* There’s a noticeable difference between the egg varieties. Plus, the little bumps and nubs inside of the eggs really make a difference in the stimulation department.

* The included lube is top notch.

* It feels more like sex or a blow job than run-of-the-mill masturbating does.

Given the choice between an egg-assisted hand job and a randy partners hand/mouth, I think most fellows would pick the latter. Still, it’s fun to mix up foreplay with these babies. And for those occasions when a guy needs some “me time,” these are Grade-A.

What do you make of the Tenga Egg? Would you consider trying it? Love them? On the fence? Curious?


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