Pashat and Patrick are a French couple settled in the nightlife spirit of Ibiza. They have dedicated themselves to promoting the ‘art of satisfying seduction’. Sa Majesté is a unique boutique that has become one of the most attractive shops in the Marina quarter of Ibiza Town. In this extraordinary fetish shop, Pashat and Patrick…

Luxury Fetish Shop

Back in 1995, Patrick and Pashat, a French couple steeped in the liberal and cosmopolitan spirit of Ibiza, opened an unusual boutique on the aptly named Calle de la Virgen. ‘Sa Majesté’ takes the concept of ‘Love knows no boundaries’ to new heights. This is no ordinary shop but an establishment that specialises in the…

Meet the Tenga Egg, a clever sex toy for men

  Meet the Tenga Egg: A Clever Sex Toy for Men Today, as it’s Easter, we are presenting you a whole new kind of Easter treat… for men ! . It’s an innovative and quirky sex toy for men. These rather PG-looking plastic eggs hold nifty little treasures inside.

A Guide to Remote-Control Sex Toys

  A Guide to Remote-Control Sex Toys Teledildonics — sex toys that can be controlled via the Internet — have been around since the ’80s (though, in their multiple iterations, they never quite caught on…imagine a mechanical dildo plugged into your computer). Recently, however, advances in tech have given us plenty of opportunity to take the category…

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