Pashat and Patrick are a French couple settled in the nightlife spirit of Ibiza. They have dedicated themselves to promoting the ‘art of satisfying seduction’.

Sa Majesté is a unique boutique that has become one of the most attractive shops in the Marina quarter of Ibiza Town. In this extraordinary fetish shop, Pashat and Patrick provide an atmosphere that is perfect for the lifestyle of Ibiza and its cosmopolitan visitors. The shop has been opended for 19 years now, from 1995, and will celebrate next year its 20th anniversary…

Pashat and Patrick are creators of exclusive and unique fetish accessories and clothing. They sell their unique collection over the main Fetish Capitals in Europe (Berlin, Amsterdam, etc.) and they also have in their shop some unique pieces from other European creators.

For the first time ever in Ibiza, Sa Majesté is presenting its own Luxury Fetish Collection in Ibiza Puerto, every summer, only by night…

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